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Charcoal Art

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This week, as we progress through our 'Drawing Nests' topic in art, we explored the use of charcoal and how we can use this to create different textures and shades.
First of all we took a stick and experimented with our charcoal pencil before using this observational drawing to draw a nest.


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Through our Art sessions this half term we will be exploring drawing nests, without the focus of a bird or eggs.
Today we explored the use of oil pastels to build up a technicolour nest, I'm sure you will agree they are very effective!

Dan the Skipping Man!

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Today we were visited by Lucy, who works for the company 'Dan the Skipping Man', Lucy taught us how to do some fancy tricks with a skipping rope. We had a great time!

We love Books!

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In Rufford Class we love books and stories! Today was evidence of this as we visited the library and borrowed some books of our own for reading at home, it was such a lovely afternoon full of adventures.

Our Words Matter! This morning we have conducted an experiment! We had two apples which looked exactly the same. We were extremely kind to one apple, giving it compliments and telling the apple how much we enjoyed having them in the classroom. We were also extremely unkind to the other apple. After we had used our words we cut the apples open to see the impact of our words. The apple we had been kind to was white and crunchy, and looked like a happy apple. The other apple that we had been unkind to was bruised and marked on the inside. This helped us to realise the impact our words have on others, and how once they have been said the damage has been done - meaning we can’t take them back. This picture will also be displayed on the back of our classroom door to remind us to think carefully before we say something to someone.

Numbers Rock!

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Today we celebrated National Number Day by dressing up as a RockStar and spending some time on TimesTable Rockstars to develop our knowledge of our times tables further!
We also had a live performance from our very own Freddie Mercury and his fellow bandmates!

Shark in the Snow!

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Today we were joined by Clumber Class to attend a workshop with Nick Sharratt, the author of the Shark in the Park Book Series.
He read us a preview of his brand new book and taught us how to draw characters and animals from his stories!

Non-Newtonian Fluid

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We have been discovering the properties of solids, liquids and gases this week. However today we came across this peculiar substance which defied the law of gravity and behaved as a solid and a liquid at times depending on the force we applied to it.

What will happen if we put a coat on a snowman?

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This week we have explored what will happen to an ice cube if we put a coat on it. We used different materials to act as a coat on one ice cube, and left another one without a coat to see what the impact would be!

We love Paddington!

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We have enjoyed our time exploring the stories of Paddington, especially eating marmalade sandwiches!