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Library Leaders

At St Swithun's we are passionate about books and reading.

Our Library Leaders took up their positions in May 2022.

Their mission is to encourage all children to love reading. They have an answer for children who say that books are just words on a page. They say that the book is the key to a new world woven from the words on the pages.


Our Librarians are; Nelly, Izzie, Tilly and Isabelle from Year 5.



Their accomplishments in the Summer term are:

  • Main school and EYFS book sales to raise money for a special book for each class
  • Visit to Wonderland Bookshop in Retford
  • Purchase of a new class book from the Book Sale profits
  • Invitation for the manager of Wonderland Books to visit school
  • Introduction of a canon of 25 highly recommended books for each year group - which every child  will be encouraged and given opportunities to read