Welcome to St Swithun's Church of England Primary Academy. School reopens to children on Friday 2nd September 2022.

St Swithun's Church of England Primary Academy

Valuing individuals, aspiring and achieving together in faith


Children have access to a variety of resources within their continuous provision that helps to both develop and consolidate knowledge, skills and understanding when designing and making within their own play. 

Construction area: Children have access to a wide variety of construction kits where they can build, join, stack, balance and adapt their own constructions. 

Make and do area: children have the opportunity to use a variety of tools and techniques and processes and select and combine using a variety of materials. 

Funky fingers: We use tools and techniques used for design and technology such as scissors, punches, threading, sewing, hammering to develop those all important fine motor skills.  

Large loose parts construction: Outside the children have access to a wide variety of large scale resources such as, crates, drain pipes, tubes & planks giving them the opportunity to design make, adapt, problem solve, modify and put structures to the test together alongside their peers. 

Tasty Tuesday cooking Area: every week the children are given the opportunity to explore and make with food. 

Three Billy Goats Gruff Bridge Making

Making Goldilocks porridge

Design and making blended learning packs

Hansel & Gretel: designing and making a house made of sweets