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Big Maths

Big Maths is a resource published by Andrell.  It comprises of a carefully structured strategy designed to teach all areas of the mathematics curriculum in a logical and systematic way.  It prioritises basic skills and has clear steps of progress built in.  Children are taught to count in steps, learn facts by heart, apply skills they have already secured to different contexts, make links between learning and concepts and develop efficient strategies to solve mathematical calculations.  It also provides resources to promote mathematical investigation,problem solving and challenge.

Assessment is built in and key to the strategy.  From the youngest of ages, children can track their own progress week by week, gaps in learning are quickly identified and intervention put into place to deal with misconceptions etc. immediately.

Little Big Maths

Little Big Maths is a teaching method that makes Maths progress in the Early Years of the Foundation Phase easy and fun for children and teachers.  It follows the same basic principles that have made Big Maths such a huge success.


Little Big Maths ensures there is a press on progression within the context of the child's play, self-discovery and personal learning journey.  This framework is known as A-CLIC (Amounts - Counting, Learn Its, It's Noting New and Calculation) and is characterised by accurate steps of progression (known as Progress Drives) that make new learning easy and obvious to children.  It provides a seamless transition onto the Big Maths programme.

Maths Statement of Intent

Maths Progression Grid

Maths Calculation Policy