We are now offering 30hrs to nursery children from September 2020! Please email the school office for more information. HELLO YELLOW - WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY FRIDAY 9TH OCTOBER 2020

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Early Years

Hello and welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage at St Swithun's school. Our vibrant unit is made up of two classes. We have our Caterpillar class who are our foundation 1 children and our Butterfly class who are our foundation 2 children. These children are registered and have differentiated sessions separately but come together for our child initiated play sessions. 


We have two teachers in the Early Years; Mrs Mitchinson who teaches on a Mon, Tue, Wed with Mrs Briers and Mrs Oxborough who teaches on a Wed, Thur, Fri with Mrs Myers. 


If you would like to speak with us we are available every morning at 8.45am on the main school playground or 3.10pm in the Foundation Stage playground. 

EYFS Intent:

At St-Swithun’s Primary Academy our foundation stage aims to deliver an ambitious curriculum centred around high quality teaching and learning experiences. Children are encouraged to actively learn through playing and exploring, allowing them to think creatively and critically across all areas of the curriculum. We strive to give children the very best start in life and support needed to enable them to fulfil their full future potential and success. A rich, vibrant, positive learning environment enables us to develop a lifelong love of learning.

EYFS Curriculum Statement of intent

EYFS Development Matters Framework

Early Years Foundation Stage Profile Assessment Handbook

FS1 Caterpillar Handbook

FS2 Butterfly Handbook

Our Autumn term theme is 'People Who Help Us'

People Who help Us homework Project

People who help us: Dentist

People who help us: doctors and nurses

People who help us: vets

Our summer term theme is 'transport'. 

Week 1: Cars

Week 2: Bikes

Week 3: Train

Week 4: Rocket

Week 5: Boats

Week 6: Tractors 

Week 7: Bus 

Week 8: Aeroplane

Week 9: Diggers

Week 10: Lorries and vans 

Week 11: Hot air balloon 



Transport Knowledge Organiser

Exploring boats, floating and sinking, full and empty at home

Exploring aeroplanes at home

Exploring bikes and time at home

Exploring cars at home

Our Spring term theme is 'Traditional Tale'

Week 1: Goldilocks And The Three Bears 

Week 2: The Gingerbread Man 

Week 3: The Three Little Pigs 

Week 4: The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Week 5: The Little Red Hen

Week 6: Jack And The Beanstalk 

Week 7: Little Red Riding Hood

Week 8: Hansel and Gretel

Week 9: The Elves And The Shoemaker 

Week 10: Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Week 11: Sleeping Beauty

Week 12: Cinderella 


Knowledge organiser

Homework project

The Little Red Hen

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Three Little Pigs

The Gingerbread man

Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Our Autumn term theme is 'Marvellous Me' 

Week 1: My Marvellous Summer 

Week 2: Marvellous Me 

Week 3: My Marvellous Friends 

Week 4: My Marvellous Book

Week 5: My Marvellous Home

Week 6: My Marvellous Garden

Week 7: My Marvellous Family 

Week 8: My Marvellous Pet

Week 9: My Marvellous Toy

Week 10: My Marvellous Birthday 

Week 11: My Marvellous Senses 

Week 12: My Marvellous Christmas 

My Marvellous Name

Baking Marvellous Me

My Marvellous Name Hunt