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St Swithun's Church of England Primary Academy

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At St Swithun's assessment is completed in multiple ways using both formative and summative approaches. This allows us to monitor the children on a daily basis as well as at the end of each term and end of year.


What testing takes place at our school?


  • The children will continue to take the Statutory Assessment Tests and Tasks at the end of Year 2 (KS1) and Year 6 (KS2) as a measure against the national benchmark.
  • These tests will be in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation.
  • Writing will continue to be assessed against a range of writing that the children produce over time. This is completed though moderations within school and across our cluster schools.
  • KS1 SATs will continue to be marked internally (by our KS1 team).
  • KS2 SATs will continue to be marked externally.
  • The Phonics Test at the end of Year 1 also remains.
  • Year 4 Times Table Government test completed in the Summer Term.

What are we doing at St Swithun's


  • Your child’s attainment is presented using the terms ‘working at expectation’ ‘working above expectation’, ‘towards expectation' and 'below expectation’.
  • We will share with you in which areas your child is performing at, above and below age-related expectations. Your child’s attainment may vary across areas, for example in English they may be working at expectation in composition but below expectation in spelling.
  • We use Key Learning Indicators of Progress (KLIPs) in Reading and Writing. These outline the expectations for your child in each year of school.
  • We use Key Learning & Progression statements to assess learning in the wider curriculum subjects
  • We will continue to report on your child’s progress through Parent Consultation evenings and End of Year Reports