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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Leadership Team

Mr Phil Abbott                                                                 Executive  Headteacher

Mrs Debbie Preece                                                          Head of School

Mrs Karen Slater                                                             Executive Inclusion Lead



Teaching Staff

Mrs Christa Michinson                       Foundation Stage

Mrs Joan Liddement                           Foundation Stage

Mrs Carolyn Casey                              Year 4 and 5

Miss Hannah Ranson                         Year 1 and 2

Mrs Debbie Preece                              Year 2 and 3

Mrs Sarah Robson                               Year 6

Mrs Gail Footitt                                   Sports Coach

Mr Richard Harris                              ICT

Mrs Brigette Balestra                         French


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Emma Briers                                                      

Mrs Stacey Myers                                                       

Mrs Louise Womack 

Mrs Louise Bett

Mrs Samantha  Clarke                                            

Mrs Lynne Tunnard                                                    

Mrs Emily Brelsford                                                   




Support staff


Mrs Joanne Gillum

    Office Manager
Mrs Marie Godbehere     Office Administration
Mr Steve Noble     School Site Manager
Mrs Sue Wells     Cook Supervisor
Mrs Samantha Clarke    Senior Mid-Day Supervisor
Miss Claire Keeling     Mid-Day Supervisor
Miss Rachel Allen     Mid-Day Supervisor
Miss Kelly Harratt

    Mid-Day Supervisor

Mr Anthony Carnall     School Hygiene Worker
Mrs June Haith     School Hygiene Worker