School will be closed from 4th January except for children of critical workers and vulnerable children. Learning has moved online.

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World Mental Health Day FRIDAY 9TH OCTOBER 2020

We  say HELLO YELLOW  for World Mental Health Day and on Friday 9th October we will be talking about this in school.  


Having these wonderful days helps everyone to understand that it is ok to talk about mental health. It is ok to have those conversations if you are struggling with your feelings.   We encourage children to recognise and talk about how they feel with their parents, relatives, friends and staff in school.  The old English proverb 'a problem shared is a problem halved' expresses the idea that, when in difficulties it is useful to talk to someone about them. 


On Friday each class will be completing some activities based on World Mental Health Day.

Remember to use TAKE 5 BREATHING' see the page on the schools website 

Some more recommended sites



Kooth is an online 24/7 free support and counselling service.    It is a digital mental health platform offering support in many ways for all ages. 

Take a look at    for more information